About us

The Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Agency was founded in 1993 and was among one of the first approved intellectual property agencies by government. After 28 years of continuously developing , it has now grown into a comprehensive technology and intellectual property service organization in the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone. We also holds proxy qualifications for patents, trademarks, copyrights, high tech certifications, science and technology services, business project certifications and intellectual property transactions.

Institutional members include Fujian Asia-Pacific Trademark & Patent Agency Co.,Ltd, Fujian Chengde Intellectual Property Law Firm(General Partnership), Fujian Fengdao Law Firm, Fujian Asia Pacific Zhong Run Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Operating Co.,Ltd..

We had established a strong service team with senior attorneys, professional intellectual property consultants, and had established excellent cooperative relationships with foreign intellectual property agencies in different country.

Since 1993, we have successfully provided high quality intellectual property services to over ten thousand clients. We are the leading comapny of the Haixi or Western Taiwan Straits in trademark registrations, patent agency services and intellectual property proceedings service industry.